Bond Purchase Agreement

State Bonding Coordinators who are looking to purchase a bond must download and submit a Bond Purchase Agreement.  Forms may be emailed to

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Bond Certification Form

State Bonding Coordinators should use this form (after they have purchased stamps) to get a bond for a specific employer.  Forms may be emailed to

State Bonding Coordinators Brochure

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Communications Toolkit

The Communications Toolkit (coming soon) will provide a collection of plug-and-play tools and resources to help drive initiatives that support the FBP mission. You will be able to browse and integrate the tools as you integrate the FBP into your placement activities.

Our national network of State Bonding Coordinators work hand-in-hand with local, state, regional, and national employers; workforce agencies; job seekers; and grantees to issue bonds.

  • Gain an understanding of why the Federal Bonding Program works from the lens of Employers, Job Seekers, State Bonding Coordinators, Workforce Professionals, and Grantees.
  • Discover resources that will help you gain a better understanding of previously justice-involved citizens and how they can positively contribute to the workplace.