Employer Testimonials

Justice-involved individuals represent a talented pool of candidates worth the risk. Couple these candidates with the integration of the Federal Bonding Program and you’ve got an excellent business proposition.

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“I have simple words for employers. Use the Federal Bonding Program and try it – do it! There’s nothing but upside to it and truly you’re getting the most wonderful employees that are out there.”

Charles Maymon
Regional CEO
American Ambulance Service

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“The RPM Wood Finishes Group works under our corporate philosophy – ‘Hire the best people you can find. Create an atmosphere that will keep them. Then let them do their job!” The Federal Bonding Program provides us with another mechanism to hire people that may turn out to be some of our best. It’s a great recruitment tool, and I urge other employers to integrate this easy-to-use-tool to boost their recruitment and hiring practices!”

Sharon Nellenbach
Director of Human Resources
RPM Wood Finishes Group

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“I believe that if somebody comes into your business and they’re qualified and fits the needs that you have that you should give them a chance.”

Debbie Cole
Family Owner
Gilco Machine & Welding

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“Cedrick is a rising star in the city of Birmingham Public Works Department. Not only is he extremely passionate about his work and cares about his community, he has been mentoring and coaching new people who have come into our department.”

Teddy Kapera
Operations Manager
Horticulture Department
City of Birmingham Public Works